How to Sup with your pup…..Advice from Mike Tavares and Shredder

Mike Tavares has launched his new website, which is pretty awesome in and of itself. One of his first posts is a collab with SupConnect explaining how to get your Best Friend out paddling with you.

Shredder put much of this down on the page, according to Mike. They recommend finding a sup pup class, making sure your dog is comfy and letting him or her get used to the water on his or her own time.  Once you’re there, teaching Fido to frolic is key.


“Some dogs will blast full speed ahead into oncoming waves while others don’t even like the sign of water. Shredder was more the latter, but time and baby steps were the key to turning him into a water shredder!  A few more tips:

Start Mellow – Sure, we all want our dogs to be surfers like those youtube videos we see that get two million hits, but let’s get real, that’s hard to do. Find some mellow water (lake or flat ocean/bay) and work from there.

PFD’s are helpful – Some dogs float, some dogs sink…fast. A good doggie PFD will go along with trust and comfort and allow your dog to float on the surface with ease. It also allows for a nice handle on top to rescue your dog when in need, or in my case, throw him off the board when he barks too much!
Swim with your dog – I swam across the Carlsbad Lagoon about 100 times getting Shredder used to being in the water. It shows another level of comfort and trust with your dog. I started with the leash on to pull him in the right direction and in no time, he was swimming all by himself!”

Read the rest of the tips here.