20% off monthly and 8 week programs with Mick DiBetta Paddle Power Trainer

I know a lot of you are trying to get in shape for races this summer. We have yet another option and this one is kind of amazing. You can get 20% monthly and 8 week programs with Mick DiBetta and Paddle Power Trainer.

Paddle Power Trainer Athletes Include: Travis Grant (NSP), Annabel Anderson (Lahui Kai), Georges Cronsteadt (SIC), Lincoln Dews (Lahui Kai), Kelly Margetts (Lahui Kai), Slater Trout (Infinity), Jayden Jensen (Lahui Kai), Beau O’Brian (Starboard) and Many More!

From Paddle Power Trainer:

“My Coaching Methods are Simple, My Methodology is Not.”
Mick DiBetta / Paddle Power Trainer

I see so many athletes fit and at their peak too early in the season, so they do not achieve their personal best when it counts. I can help you find a direct path to your goals. The energy systems we use in Paddle Power Training achieve the best effort because they relate to one another.

It is the series of progressive sessions that gets the end result. All well structured training plans are like a jigsaw puzzle. Leave out the guesswork and let me supply the pieces. I will help you construct a clear finished picture and get the results you desire to achieve.

I’m working with Mick on a monthly plan in preparation for the Catalina Classic and Chattajack.

He’s known as an amazing trainer and coach and Mick will kick your butt.

Paddle Power Trainer
Paddle Power Trainer

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