How To Get on your Standup Paddleboard from a Dock

1. Put your board in the water and sit on the dock next to it. Put your feet where you want them to be when you stand up. Put your paddle in front of your feet (you’ll use it as a brace). This is harder with a race board than a planing style board, because, ideally, you want your paddle to be in the middle of the board. On a race board, put it as close to the center as you can.

How to Stand on a Paddleboard

2. Use the hand that’s on the dock to push yourself up, while using your paddle for balance. The key is not to push the lower half of yourself away from the dock. What you’re looking for is a transfer of energy. You can get your butt off the dock while supporting yourself with your hand that’s on the dock, then transfer your balance to your feet.

How to Stand on your Paddleboard


(The same thing with a planing hull board.)

How to Stand on a Paddleboard

3. Congratulations! You’re standing!

How to Stand on a Paddleboard

4. Paddle away from the dock. If you have to, you can use your paddle to give yourself a little shove off the dock, but stick it in the water as soon as possible. (Sharna loves this part!)

How to Stand on a Paddleboard

5. Put your “race face” on and set off on your adventure. Get out of the way so that other people getting on the water or coming off can use the dock space.

How to Stand on your Paddlebaord

Getting on a paddleboard from a dock–it sounds easy, and it is easy. We show you how!

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