How to Hold a Paddleboard Paddle Correctly


It's the most basic part of standup paddleboarding: how to hold the paddle. Yet so many people do it wrong. 

We aren't necessarily talking about how far apart your hands should be, though the pictures below give a good approximation. 

We're talking about starting at square one. Which direction the blade (the wide part at the bottom of the paddle) should face. Quickblade has a handy sticker to demonstrate the right technique:

We did a photo shoot with people to show the right way and the wrong way, too!

Below: The WRONG Way to Hold a Paddle

For some reason, when people pick up a paddle their first inclination is to hold it with the angle of the blade facing toward them. When the blade goes into the water this way, it pulls up on the water, creating drag, which slows you down.  So, don't do this:

How NOT to hold a paddleboard paddle

Below: The RIGHT Way to Hold a Paddle

To get the most out of your paddle, hold it with the angle of the blade sloping away from you. When you put the blade of the paddle in the water with the angle facing away from you, the blade pushes down on the water, creating lift, which allows your board to glide through the water easier. 

How to Hold a Paddleboard Paddle

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Don’t be Ryan Seacrest. Hold your paddle correctly. At the very least, you’ll go faster.

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