Larry Cain dispelling myths and clearing up misconceptions in new blog post

Larry has had access to some amazing technology since he started working with the Canadian Canoe/Kayak Team last June. it’s allowed him to better understand a paddler’s technique and provide paddlers with feedback far beyond that which you can provide by simply videoing them.

Here is an excerpt from his post…

On Pulling the paddle through too far (past your feet)
“There are a couple of SUP forums on the Internet and if you ever check them out you’ll inevitably find a thread discussing whether or not it is okay to pull your paddle past your feet.  And there is usually a “senior member” of the forum, with thousands of posts, who will tell you in no uncertain terms that pulling the blade past your feet is bad.  He’ll insist that pulling with a negative blade angle causes the back of the board to be pulled down, ruining the boards trim and depriving it of forward speed, thus slowing you down.  In theory, he is absolutely correct.  The problem is, in practice he is very likely wrong.

Read the whole post HERE and be ready to have your mind blown.