The Basics of the Stand up Paddling Stroke With Tommy Buday

We just had the pleasure of hanging out with Tamas this past weekend at the Surf to Sound Challenge in Wrightsville Beach, NC. Tamas (Tommy) finished first on Saturday and third on Sunday. He’s an amazing paddler with a background in Olympic C1 (sprint canoe) for Team Canada. He’s part of that amazing group of athletes and humans from Ontario. This is a very cool technique video from Tamas and SIC Maui.

Adhering to proper paddling technique will ensure you have a long and happy paddling career by avoiding overtaxing your joints and muscle groups to efficiently leverage your entire body as you propel yourself over the water. Before venturing out on your board, practice your stance on land to develop the appropriate amount of bend in your hips and knees as well as foot position. Dry land practice is also a good time to become accustomed to the appropriate hand position on your paddle – not too high and not too low.

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