So How does it work?

  1. Register at with whatever craft you like. Registration is $50 USD per person.
  2. On October 3rd paddle a course of your choosing, in conditions of your choosing. Use a tracking app/device/wearable like PaddleLogger, Garmin or Apple Watch, Speed Coach, or any other water tracking device and record your distance and time.  If you like, take a video, or a picture of your paddle results to submit with your results.
  3. Submit your results at including, preferably, a GPX extract from the tracking system you used (or a picture if you need to) AND submit up to 10MB of picture or video of your paddle!  
  4. You can monitor the event progression and distance (progress) as people submit their results on
  5. Share your results on your social media platform of choice with the #LazyDogPaddle #KeyWestPaddleClassic when complete!


Sign up today and starting October 3rd, see where you stand in the Key West Virtual Paddle Classic.  Hope to see you in Key West next year!!

This is only a event for those who can access water safely and according to local, state and federal laws during this pandemic. 

We recognize that many people can not safely or legally access water in their area. If that is the case, we’re sorry to say, this virtual event is not for you. Some beaches in Florida, for instance, have been closed and some National and State parks have also been closed to public access. Follow your local, state, and national laws and recommendations.

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