Reach to Catch and New Land Based Exit Drills

Check out a brief excerpt from Coach Cain’s latest land work on Catch and Exit Drills. If you’re in the “no paddle zone” now due to cold weather, this is for you…actually, no matter what zone you’re in, Coach Cain’s drills will help you when you’re on the water now or after your water thaws! Check it out!!  If you want to see the full video, this and tons of other content just like this is available to all Paddle Monster members…join Paddle Monster today!

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After a couple of years of doing clinics and video analyses since starting Paddle Monster Ive seen a lot of different people paddle. Ive sat and watched many, many more. In that time, Ive been able to identify what are in my opinion the two most common errors that people make. They have a huge impact on how fast they can paddle. Lets take a look at both here, how to identify whether or not youre making these errors, and how to correct them.