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Fat is where it’s at: A look at the next new thing – Fat Tire Bikes

As paddlers, no matter what our craft, we thrive on being outside, preferably on the water. But when the weather, injury or even time...

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Race Directors, Industry Manufacturers, Racers and Pro Athletes; I got some ideas!

Let me note, I’m a firm believer, in peace, love and harmony but this “lettidor” may sound a bit contentious. It is what it...

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We Made Something Awesome! 100/100 Paddle Challenge Ending and New Beginnings

In the Beginning… Three years ago, I started the 100/100 facebook challenge paddle group simply to find training partners for a new to me sport,...

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Define “Being a Paddler”: The 100/100 on “Where They Stack Up”

The 100/100 “Who?” The 100/100 Paddle Challenge Facebook group, now three years old, is almost 800 members strong. We are a community, a family, of...

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The 100/100 Starts Their Race Season at the Carolina Cup

We all know that pro’s are amazing. They are focused, well-trained, with skills often developed over a lifetime. Many start, lead and finish races...

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