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Winter is Coming… North Hemi Off-season strength training starts November 2th, 2020

The Off-Season Strength Training Program starts now! If you are part of the Paddle Monster Family, it means you are […]

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Phase 6 Strength for Northern Hemisphere Starts this week

Given the unprecedented times we are in it looks like there will be no racing anytime soon. We are going to keep a similar base program without the peaking for those of you that still have enough equipment to do the gym based program.

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Quick Note about Home Program + Some Training Ideas using only a Towel

Hey Monsters, Since we opened up the home program to everyone on All-Access Membership I thought I would make a quick note. It was originally designed for people with no to minimal equipment, and primarily novice athletes (2 sets X 2 days per week).

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Training in Times of Social Distancing and Isolation Part 1: Setting up your Home Gym Environment

So assuming the worst-case scenario for training, you will be stuck at home. The first step is doing what you can, while you can to create a sufficient home gym (please take care of essentials first food, first aid, family).

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Home Strength: If you need it, let me know

We understand that many of you are unable to go to the gym, so we want to make sure you hav access to the Home Strength Plan.

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