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Just bought a TRX 2 weeks ago, wish I would have seen this first.

It's on like donkey kong. The group I paddled with in Michigan this past weekend has FASTER surfski times without the stern wheeler in 30 degree temps. Write up in progress!

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The Inland Paddler: Almost “Normal” View Comment
  • @harrison-withers
  • September 26, 2020

Here in michigan, we drive east, west, and north for waves. 😉

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Race Preview: Midwest Paddle Festival View Comment
  • @harrison-withers
  • June 25, 2020

It appears the remainder of the schedule is all through paddle guru, though Beach2Beach does not appear to be posted as of yet.

Thanks for this! My issue is that my collapsed arches make barefooting pretty intolerable after about an hour. I've had to go to wearing prescription orthotics, which help quite a bit, but i have yet to find a pair of shoes that have interchangeable insoles. I don't have a...

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