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The Science of Paddling Fitness

The Science of Paddling Fitness Many paddlers have discovered the undeniable benefits of a structured science-based training regimen. It works and works well. It’s what...

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Review: 2020/21 SIC Maui RS

I’ve now owned my 2020 SIC Maui RS 14x23 for just about a month. I’ve had a chance to paddle it in a variety...

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Virtual Chattajack In The Great Almost-White North

October 17, 2021 – It’s deep fall in the northern Midwest. The weather is unpredictable at best. 70-degree days are becoming a rarity as...

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Paddling Through the Pandemic: Midwest Paddle League Reflects on 2020

Looking Back Planning started for the 2020 Midwest Paddle League season before the last race of 2019. Looking forward to its second year, the League...

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Reflections On 2020, Confessions from the Middle of the Pack

I’ve had an amazing 2020 paddleboarding season. I’m lighter, faster, more competitive, and I’m having more fun. With the end of the Midwest Paddle...

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Harrison Cates Withers III

Paddler, PR/Marketing for Midwest Paddle League, Writer

I race as much as possible, train as much as I can. When I’m too tired to paddle, bike, or play hockey, I write about paddling.

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