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Hi Bill, looks like you're trying to log into the wrong place. The info is at app.paddlemonster.com in posts

We haven't been able to contact Coastal Eddie in a while. You can contact Cynthia directly at https://www.cynthiaaguilar.com/product-page/two-bottle-holder-with-gps https://www.cynthiaaguilar.com/boards or https://www.pronepaddleboards.com/gear Cynthia makes them and they are incredible. Also, Mile 22 is working on a setup. You can contact them at https://mile22.bigcartel.com/

I'm sorry Annie! YOu're already a Basic member. You just need to log in on the app or at http://app.paddlemonster.com and you'll see them in posts

Hi Annie, the recorded zoom sessions are on the Paddle Monster Training platform or the Paddle Monster App. It's available to all Basic and All Access members. To join, go here: https://www.paddlemonster.com/about-paddle-monster-coaches/ After you join, we add you to the platform and you can log in with your email and...

Absolutely. All the zoom sessions are available on the Paddle Monster app for Basic and All Access members. If you are already a member, you can just log in and look in posts. If not, you can join here: https://www.paddlemonster.com/about-paddle-monster-coaches/

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