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Jill - LOL I still have to think about that, even after 35 years of living on the East Coast! I grew up in Hawaii and San Diego county and west was always toward the water.

Hi! The insoles of the LoYaks definitely are removable. I checked my Brewers though and they are not. You might contact Astral directly (link to their website is hyperlinked in my post) just to make sure and to ask them about other options. They are based in Asheville,...

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  • @Lischell
  • February 25, 2020

Thanks Tim! And thanks for the role you are playing with Paddle Monster!!

Hi Julie!! I hope my little routine here helps!!! As for the friction burns...I wonder if a change in paddle attire might help? If you have not tried any of Vaikobi’s paddle shorts and tights, I highly recommend them, although I have not had issues in either of the...

Hi Morgan! I hope you will love scuba as much as I do! I do not see why this suit would not be suitable, given the right water temps you will be diving in. In tropical climates (Hawaii, Caribbean) I have never needed more than a 3/2mm suit. The...

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