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Paddling Injuries: How Loving the Conditions and Training Works when We are Injured

Dealing with Paddling Injuries Spend enough time on this website, or the Paddle Monster Facebook page and you’ll notice two […]

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Coach Victoria on Post-Covid Fitness

Paddle Monster Fitness and Nutrition Coach Victoria Burgess shares a presentation she put together recently on returning to training after […]

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Chattajack Race Prep: Rookie Mistakes

Final Countdown to Chattajack So, we are a little less than two months away from Chattajack time – Delta variant […]

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Inland Paddler: Out of the Line Up Because of “Injury”

Off the Water Because of Injury “What did you do to your knee? You fall of your skateboard?” “Did you […]

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But What About the Critters? Paddling and Animal Encounters

But What About the Critters When Paddling? Every now and then we see posts on social media from new or […]

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