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Paddle Clinic Alert! Coach Seychelle in Key West on October 2nd

WPC welcomes back 3X Champ Seychelle! Join Seychelle, one of the fastest women paddlers in the world in an all-levels clinic geared toward SUP...

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SIC Talk Story: SUP Tip – Turning Your SUP with Coach Seychelle

This is from SIC: Last week Seychelle SUP had connection issues for her live SIC Talk Story SUP Tip but we are back with a prerecorded version...

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Sports Nutrition for Long Distance Races – Zoom Discussion – Monday July 20 at 3:00 PM ET

Coach Seychelle and Coach Burgess will be discussing sports nutrition for long-distance races - Monday, July 20 at 3:00 PM ET This is available for...

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Catch Drills – With Coach Seychelle – on ZOOM Tuesday July 14 at 3PM EST

Coach Seychelle will be demonstrating her favorite drills for working on your catch in this live ZOOM session, on the water, on Tuesday, July...

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Thoracic rotation and mobility in your SUP stroke with Coach Seychelle

Here is part of Coach Seychelle's Wellness series with SIC where she discusses Thoracic rotation and Mobility in your Stroke

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