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A Mullet on the Euro Tour: Bilbao Spain

by April Zilg In a stark contrast to the previous week, the 5th stop of the Euro Tour was downtown in the large city of...

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Step 3: Let the Circuits Begin

April, Erik, and Jason are continuing in their 2015 season preparations. Step three includes some hard work and starting to get into the rhythm...

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TOPS Testing: Step Two- VO2Max & DEXA

April, Erik, and Jason are going to be subjects of observation. Step two includes more pre-season groundings such as VO2max and DEXA. The Carolina Paddleboard...

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TOPS Testing: Taking Three Paddlers through a Competitive Year

For the upcoming 2015 SUP season, the team at Carolina PaddleBoard Co. is voluntarily becoming guinea pigs. TOPS Athletics, a Wilmington based all-you-could-need gym/lab...

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You’ll Never Believe What Happens Next!

It was the end of the SUP racing season, and my last big event. I had been on this weird train-taper-train-taper schedule that I...

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