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Coach Victoria on Fueling Your Workouts the Right Way

Fueling your Workouts the Right Way! Hello Paddlers!! Can you believe it’s May!!! This part of the year is always interesting. Some of you are coming from a deep freeze, snow and mostly land/cardio training.  Others, like us here in Florida, have been paddling all winter. Either way, your training should be ramping up, based […]

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30-Day Nutrition Reboot Camp Challenge Starts February 1

Paddle Monster Sports Nutrition Coach, Victoria Burgess, Ph.D. will lead you through this 30-day challenge to help you reboot and relearn healthy habits to incorporate into your everyday life —Question/Challenge of the day —Open discussion board on the Paddle Monster Forum —Weekly post on that topic with additional info, studies, videos, etc. —Basic Access to […]

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ENERGY SYSTEMS – The Systems and Methods Your Body Uses in Paddling

Watch and Listen to Coach Victoria Burgess review the energy systems of the body. This overview will help you understand how and when the different systems of the body are used in your training and racing. This is a deeper dive into the body’s systems that Coach Cain covered in a Zoom discussion mid-2020. This […]

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Hydration – What You Don’t Know About It and How That Can Help You

Watch and Listen to Coach Victoria Burgess review the importance of hydration. This overview will help you understand how to use hydration to your advantage and understand much more about how it affects your life and your paddling!

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Custom Training Program – NEW with Coach Victoria

Paddle Monster and Coach Victoria Burgess are excited to announce our new custom training program that is designed just for you.  This new program covers the most important parts of training from fitness to nutrition.  It offers a complete program designed specifically for you and your race schedules. Maximize your strengths and work on your […]

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