Sternwheeler Surfing in Cascade Locks, Oregon on the Columbia River with Friends

VIDEO CREDIT: Posted by Steve Dullack, shot by Ryland Hart.

After driving over 3000 miles from North Carolina to Hood River, Oregon in 3 days, I was able to not only find some water to wash off the dust, but I was able to find a wave to ride for nearly an hour behind a sternwheeler boat with 20 other OCs and surfskis. It was simply one of the most fun things I have ever done. To my left is Steve Dullack. We’re here for his bachelor party and the Gorge Downwind Championships. To my right, shooting the video, is Ryland Hart, Juniors phenom and all around awesome guy. We hit the 6pm river tour from the water, surfing the wake of a sternwheeler for nearly an hour. We hope for more wind this week, but if not, we’ll pile on the sternwheeler for another surf.