Costco Promotes Paddle Safety

Costco Magazine Features Leashes and PFDs

Giving a hat tip to Costco – the warehouse retailer that often is the gateway for new SUP and kayak paddlers attracted to low-cost boards and boats – for emphasizing safety in the latest issue of its membership mailer, the Costco Connection.

While the products sold by Costc0 are easy to dismiss because of material and design quality, they can help paddlers decide whether or not they like paddling enough to then invest in better, high quality, and more expensive gear. Or, it’s simply the most affordable way for families to enjoy the water together.  Either way, folks buying paddle gear at Costco need education on how to be safe on the water, just like consumers buying from a paddle shop or outdoor retailer.  Maybe even more so, since they are basically on their own while shopping in the warehouse environment.  There’s not likely to be a salesperson nearby who is a paddling expert to tell them about leashes and PFDs.

Costco Connection reaches over 13 million members through placement in stores, online and in mailboxes. So, the reach of the safety message is huge.  Now, if we wanted to get picky, it would be nice to see the paragraph on leashes not buried at the end of the story, but it’s a start, a good start, and in all the accompanying photos with the article, leashes and PFDs are being worn by the models on the water. And, there’s a link to the US Coast Guard Auxillary/SUP the Mag PSA on leashes and PFds embedded in the digital version of the story.

Good job, Costco, good job.


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