2016 Imagine Angler Polyethylene SUP Fishing Board

Any video where they start by cast-netting mullet gets our attention. Something I LOVE about this board and videos: Snap in fins, fish hold, fold up seat. They mention how important it is to wear a life vest and wear a leash because you never know when a big fish could pull you overboard. Also wear bright clothes so you’re visible.  I definitely want to hear the story about Dave jumping the shark while surfing.


  • Large and small cargo hatches
  • Multiple carrying handles
  • V-shaped Bow
  • Molded Stringer
  • Channel Bottom
  • Reinforced standing Area
  • Flip up seat
  • Large Scupper
  • Snap-in fin
  • US Fin Box
  • Cargo Well
  • Fishing Accessory Mounts

DIMENSIONS: 11’ x 35” x 8”


WEIGHT: 30 KG / 68 LBS


Imagine Angler

Check the 2016 Imagine Surf Angler out here: http://www.imaginesurf.com/index.php/boards/adventure/angler

Join Dave Kalama from Imagine Surf and David Gauzens from Adventure Sports putting the Polyethylene Imagine Angler into its natural environment!

For more information on Dave Kalama and Imagine Surf, go to:
Dave Kalama’s Website: A Waterman’s Journal: http://www.davidkalama.com/