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Gear Review: The Virtues of a Good Pint (Glass)

Here at the Mullet, not only are we gear geeks, but we have an appreciation for elegant design as well.  If you’ve ever seen the Mullet himself walking around with his cool retro-looking Fuji X100T camera, you know what I mean.  We are definitely bad influences on each other.  After I saw his camera, I had to get one.

“STOP LIKING WHAT I LIKE!!”  is a phrase commonly exchanged between the two of us.

So, with that sort of as a disclaimer, I offer up a review of something that is not necessary 100 percent SUP-related. 

Pint glasses.

Although, if a cursory look at the last few Joe Paddler profiles is any indication, a lot of paddlers do enjoy a beer or two after a good race or workout. So a good pint glass might come in handy. One that you can take outside on a wide variety of adventures, and that will also look good in your kitchen or home bar.

A Dime a Dozen

Double-wall, aluminum pint glasses, or even single walled ones, seem to be all the rage right now.  All the thermos and bottle makers are getting into the act, from Stanley to Hydroflask to GSI.

Hydroflask is definitely one of my favorite companies.  They took the powder coated colors from their wonderful bottles and made a true pint glass in several eye-catching colors.  If you buy the set of four, each is individually wrapped in a recycled fabric sleeve which is great for re-purposing into a variety of uses.

HydroFlask Pint glasses

After purchasing my set this Christmas, I started having my morning coffee in them, as well as cold beverages at the other end of the day.  The thing about the double-wall insulation is, it will keep my coffee warmer than a regular mug.

The lip of the Hydroflask pint is a beveled a bit, after German beer glasses, so says Hydroflask.   The glass itself fits well in my hand, but I have on more than one occasion tipped it over at my desk.

I do have a well-documented spillage problem.

So, before going on, let me be perfectly clear.  I still LOVE Hydroflask. 

But the more I see of Avex, the more I really like what I see.

I recently reviewed one of their insulated bottles and after remarking on it’s durability, or lack thereof, Avex sent me one of their new powder-coated Free Flow bottles which will soon be on the market.  It is amazing.  The cap allows beverages to flow at the best rate of all the push-button lid bottles I have tried. As expected, the powder coating addresses the ding and scratch issues so noticeable with the ReCharge Autoseal I tested.

So, when I saw they were making pint glasses, I needed to more closely examine.

I purchased a set of four Avex Brew pints from Amazon. 

Size may matter

First off, they are larger than the Hydroflask,  A whole 100 ml larger.  They hold 600 ml of liquid, or 2.5 cups or 20 ounces, whereas the Hydroflask holds 500 mil, or 2 cups or 16 ounces.  If you are a stickler for details, you will appreciate that the Hydroflask is a American sized pint glass. If size matters and more is, well more, and you are a Downton Abbey fan, then you will know that 20 ounces is an IMPERIAL pint, and  you will appreciate the extra capacity of the Avex glass. Just. Yet, the glass doesn’t look like Bigfoot’s Big Gulp cup.

The Hydroflask pint is more tapered at the bottom and inside, there is an odd little ledge or ring that can make cleaning difficult.  And both of these glasses are NOT dishwasher safe because of the powder coating.  The Avex glass is slighted rounded at the bottom with no strange contours, so cleaning is a snap.

Avex has incorporated the same, non-skid rubber bottom to their pints that can be found on their bottles, which is a great touch for those of us with the documented spillage propensities. A reviewer on another web page complained that the non-skid ring was too small and keeps the glass off balance and easy to knock over, but I have not found that to be the case.  And I would know. 

But the best thing about the bottom???? An integrated bottle opener!!! Which does not interfere with the design, usability or functionality of the glass itself.


Avex Pint glass
NOTE: That is a bottle of craft-brewed, non-alcoholic Ginger Beer made by Great Britain’s Fentimans

Other nice touches on the Avex glass: the lip is a bit thicker and a little more rounded, which may or may not really matter.  Each glass comes with a color-contrasting rubber ring that makes gripping the glass easier and and it can be used as a shim to help it fit in car cup holders.  A lot of other manufacturers are adding this rubber ring as an additional accessory afterthought but Avex includes it.

Avex Brew Pint glass

My set did not come with lids, but the Avex website shows that individual glasses that ship now do have lids.  I probably need those. You know, spillage and all that.

Avex Brew Pint

(What that does tell me about Avex is that they really listen to consumer comments and take them to heart.  Amazon reviewers complained about the lack of lid, especially considering the price and the fact that a certain currently in vogue, outdoor chic-y manufacturer whose name rhymes with Getty includes a lid with their large tumbler. Boom! Avex is now including a lid, and one that appears to be a lot more functional that the product made by the Sasquatch company, as it has a seal gasket and a locking sip top.)

As for overall look and appeal, some may find the Avex colors and shape to be a little more outdoorsy, whereas the Hydroflask glass can appear to be more urban or sleek. But, that is purely subjective.  Right now, Hydroflask has more color choices.

Both function equally as well when it comes to keeping your beverage cold or hot.

It’s just the nice, extra little touches on the Avex pint glasses that really add up for me.

The Mullet hasn’t seen these yet – at least I don’t think so. So, turn your ears toward Wrightsville Beach, ‘cause that sound you hear might just be another rousing chorus of “STOP LIKING WHAT I LIKE!”

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Single: $16.95-24.99



Single: $16.95-$24.95


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