KeeBunga! Shock and waterproof key case on Kickstarter

The days of stuffing your key in a rack pad, hidden under a rock, buried in the sand, or on a back tire somewhere are over. This is one of the cooler, more useful and smart things we’ve seen on KickStarter. It’s perfect for paddlers. And KeeBunga is coincedentally EXACTLY what I’m looking for. Instead of hiding my VW key by my car when I paddle and hoping no one finds it and loots my car. I’ve also already fried two keys and after destroying my spare, had to buy another from the dealership. It was crazy expensive. NO MORE!

Adventure Proof Your Car Key with the World’s 1st Hard Shell Waterproof Key Case

  • Clips to lanyards, wet suits, buoyancy aids, harnesses and key rings
  • Water Proof
  • Tested to 90ft
  • Shock Proof
  • Comfortable: Ergonomically designed and compact as possible, its small but it still floats and fits 99% of vehicle keys

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