Reflekt Polarized Unsinkable Sunglasses with loss warranty

One of the finds at Surf expo was an entire line of sunglasses that float from Reflekt. I reflected back on losing expensive glasses over the years. My Maui Jims. My Revos. There’s a very stylish flounder enjoying about $400 in sunglasses somewhere in Masonboro Inlet.

As we walked through the line, we talked about the warranty almost as a sidebar.

It is a loss warranty. If you lose them, they get replaced. You have to register on the site and submit a claim, but dang. I’d lose my head if it wasn’t attached. I know you’re thinking that explains the neck bolts.

Reflekt Polarized

For me, the Galleon, Rival and Torrent seemed like they would be perfect for being out in the sun on a board. They have a wide wrap, are light and comfortable. We’ll have some to test out soon.

That said, here’s a video walkthrough from Surf Expo.

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