Northern Waters a book by Slater Trout

Slater Trout Kickstarter Campaign for Northern Waters Book

Slater Trout launched a Kickstarter campaign yesterday to launch his photography book, Northern Waters, a collaboration between him and his friend Connor on their trip to Iceland and Norway. The high end photo book documents their adventures during the trip.


How Kickstarter works:  

The basic idea of kickstarter is to get projects and businesses off the ground that would not be able to begin without an investment.  When someone supports a kickstarter, they get some reward in return as long as the kickstarter is successfully funded in the time frame provided. If the kickstarter is not successfully funded, then anyone who supported it will not be charged. In other words, kickstarter makes sure that people receive enough to get their project off the ground, or they get no money at all.  


Slater’s Kickstarter:

A hard cover, gloss, photo book is not cheap to print. The only realistic way to self publish our book is to order at least 500 copies.  That is why they are going the kickstarter route.  Their goal is to get 10,000 dollars so that we can order 500 or more books.  In exchange, we have 4 options for rewards: 

– Our book at $40

– Photo Tee at $25

– 36″x24″ Canvas with book at $300

– Our used paddle board from the trip $1,50086fc94f17b4961b58e8004186f924996_original


Let’s say you want to get a book.  You would go to our kickstarter, select the book as a reward, and then enter your card information.  Our funding period is 20 days, so if you are charged it wouldn’t be until July 20th. On day 20 if they have reached the $10,000 goal then you will be charged and receive the book in November, just in time for Christmas and the Holiday season.  If they do not reach their goal, then you will not be charged and the project will be over. 

946dffaee4faa54a8a4108201c7b74e7_originalPlease share the link below to our Kickstarter page with anyone you think would be stoked on our book.

Here is the link to our Kickstarter page: