APP World Tour: Video Recap of the Maui Pro Am Distance Race

The tradewinds have been on vacation away from Maui, so, as you’ll see from the video, the Maliko Run was a flat distance race yesterday in the Maui Pro-Am.  Not your usual firing downwind run for sure!  Michael Booth and Sonni Honscheid beat out the competition on the tough course.  You can see in the video just how much of a slog this was, in comparison to the days when Maliko is firing.  Details here from SUP Racer.


(provisional results)
1st: Michael Booth (Australia/Starboard)
2nd: Connor Baxter (Hawaii/Starboard)
3rd: Mo Freitas (Hawaii/Focus)
4th: Lincoln Dews (Australia/JM)
5th: Travis Grant (Australia/NSP)
6th: Josh Riccio (Hawaii/F-One)
7th: Casper Steinfath (Denmark/Naish)
8th: Ryan Funk (Hawaii/Starboard)
9th: Arthur Arutkin (France/Fanatic)
10th: Matt Nottage (Australia/Starboard)
11th: Kenny Kaneko (Japan/JP)
12th: James Casey (Australia/Sunova)
13th: Leo Nika (Italy/Starboard)
14th: Toby Cracknell (Australia/Infinity)
15th: Slater Trout (USA/Infinity)
16th: Jake Jensen (Australia/ONE)

MEN’S OVERALL (provisional)
1st: Mo Freitas (2nd/3rd = 5)*
2nd: Connor Baxter (3rd/2nd = 5)
3rd: Casper Steinfath (1st/7th = 8)**
4th: Lincoln Dews (4th/4th = 8)
5th: Travis Grant (7th/5th = 12)
6th: Arthur Arutkin (6th/9th = 15)
7th: Toby Cracknell (5th/14th = 19)
8th: Ryan Funk (11th/8th = 19)
9th: Matt Nottage (10th/10th = 20)
10th: Michael Booth (19th/1st = 20)
11th: Josh Riccio (16th/6th = 22)

WOMEN’S OVERALL (provisional)
1st: Terrene Black (Australia/ECS) 1st/3rd = 4 points
2nd: Fiona Wylde (USA/Starboard) 3rd/2nd = 5 points


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