SEVENTY48 Race Kicks off in Tacoma

Editor’s Note: This sounds like an amazing event!! The online tracker for the live feed of the race goes live at 5:00 PM local time today. Good luck to all participating!


JUNE 5,2018 PORT TOWNSEND, WA—When registration closed for the newly minted boat race, SEVENTY48, the organizers couldn’t believe it. They had guessed maybe 30 teams would show up for this unusual race. When they tallied the registered teams it totaled 121 teams with 187 racers. “We were shocked,” said race organizer Daniel Evans, who calls himself the Race Boss, about the number of teams. “Who thought so many people would even want to subject themselves to this kind of abuse.” Teams have 48 hours to go 70 miles, but no motors, support or sailing is allowed. Winning pot is over $12,000.

The race starts in Tacoma on June 11 at 5:30 PM and ends in Port Townsend. When asked why such an unusual start time, Daniel said, “Teams were talking about racing without stopping, so we thought it’d be good for them to race through the night. This isn’t meant to be easy.” Daniel also said this race is about access, not just for racers, but for those who want to follow the race. “We try to make everything free. We’ll have a huge party we’re calling the Pre-Funk on June 10 in front of the Social Bar & Grill and the Museum of Glass in Tacoma. People will be able to meet the racers, listen to some live music, and, if they get in line early enough, they’ll be able to hear a couple of legends talk about their lives. And that’s free too.”

Daniel is referring to Karl Kruger and Natalia Cohen. Kruger is the first person to complete the 750 unrelenting miles of Race to Alaska (r2ak. com) on a Stand up Paddleboard (SUP), and Cohen is one of a team of six women, who in January 2016, set two world records becoming the first all-female team and the first ever fours boat to row unsupported across the Pacific Ocean.

“In addition to the Pre-Funk, we will be hosting a clubhouse at the finish line where viewers can hang out, have a drink, and follow the race on the tracker.” The tracker is an online map that allows viewers to follow every racer and track their progress and even access their social media pages. “I have no shame in saying it,” whispers Daniel. “I’m a full-on tracker junkie. I check it constantly during the races.”

For more information, go SEVENTY

Photo: Tacoma Sports Commission

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