SEA NYC Paddle Results, Recap and Photos: Raised close to $200,000 for charity

Congratulations to all the paddlers and race organizers who created and participated in the 2015 SEA NYC Paddle. They had calm but hot conditions in contrast to some windy previous years. Raising close to $200,000 this year and over 2 million in the past 9 years for environmental and autism charities is incredible. Mind Boggling. Congratulations!!! next year will be year 10. SEA NYC Paddlesea paddle 2015“2015 SEA Paddle NYC was a great gathering of the waterman tribe.  From the Elite racers, teams, recreational paddlers, support boats and volunteers, Richard Lee (SEA big kahuna) & crew made memories for all involved but more importantly gave hope to the autism & environmental groups that desperately need the funding from the money raised.
Next year will be the 10th anniversary of this 26 mile paddle around Manhattan.  Make it a bucket list event for 2016! It will change your life and many others as well!!
See ya all under the Brooklyn Bridge for the start!”
—Mark & Noah Colino ( father son relay team)
“SEA Paddle NYC again lived up to everything a big epic race should be. Great organization, excellent support on and off the water, 1st class swag bags for all the participants, the BEST after party I have ever been to…and to top it all off there was cake. Who doesn’t love cake? Congrats and a job well done to Richard Lee, Chris Macioch, and their armada of volunteers raising over $200k for environmental causes and autism.”
—Steve Dullack
“As I board my flight back home to Key West thinking about another SEAPaddleNYC in the books, I can’t help but smile. The organizers of this event are some of the most wonderful people I know. Richard, Chris, Ariane, Jamian and Harris this event is something so dear to me not only for the cause but because of who you all are and the way you make this event like a family reunion. I look forward to this all year (maybe not so much the day and morning before) ????, but when it’s over I’m proud of what we do in the water and behind the scenes. I’m a little sad thinking I may not see some of you for another year, but you stay with me. Your tireless efforts for autism awareness and environmental efforts are inspiring. Every year I do this with one of my favorite people on earth Trish Miller . I will be forever grateful she told me about this paddle. With a full heart and sore muscles I can’t wait for 2016. Mahalo to everyone that supports me and proper thank you following.”
—Maryann Marinho Jackowski
“So many things to say about the 2015 SEA Paddle NYC. Every year gets better and better, and the family grows exponentially. The conditions were the best I’ve seen in four years, and the smiles at the finish line were unstoppable. The volunteers and support boats were on top of things and were never far from giving encouragement. The team behind the scenes made it happen in the Big Apple and brought ppl together from all over the country to raise awareness and funds for Austism efforts and continued work for Surfer’s Environmental Alliance. Congrats to top finishers Noah and Mark Colino in the relay division, Corey Taylor and Steve Dullack digging to 1st & 2nd men’s SUP, Ryan Mathews prone paddling at lightning speed four years in a row, and Dawn Ehman powering to 1st lady to bring it home! I was very stoked to cross the finish 2nd in the ladies division with one of the most memorable experiences to date. I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be today, being reunited with good friends, meeting new ones, and committing to next year!”
—Patricia Miller
Just wanted to say thank you to everyone that supported me and our team Paddle Surf New Jersey with a donation to SEA Paddle NYC this year. …This year we decided to do the race as a team effort as Paddle Surf New Jersey, along with my team members James Gregorio and Kim Levins. Special thanks to our amazing support boat captain Steve Messenger for doing such an outstanding job keeping us safe out there. Also, congratulations to Richard Lee, Chris Macioch and the rest of the SEA staff for pulling off such an amazing and worthwhile event once again.
It felt so good to be back again since doing the race the last time in 2012. Can’t wait until next year!
—Richard Bubnowski
lee“I’d like to thank everyone involved that made the 2015 SEA NYC paddle a resounding success. We’re closing in on raising $200,00o for charities this year. It was a humbling experience. We hope to make the 10th anniversary paddle the best we’ve ever had.”
—Richard Lee, Race Organizer
“We had our cake and we ate it to at this year’s #seapaddlenyc ! Thank you to everyone who made this year the best SEA Paddle NYC to date! Paddlers, volunteers, safety crew, boat captains, spectators, NYPD, donors, understanding spouses and sponsors! The hard work from all of you not only brought joy for today but will also bring joy to others in special events in the near future! One that comes to mind is the Belmar Beach Bash brought to you by Autism Family Services of NJ! Congrats to my friend Harris Davis on a well deserved “Friend of the Paddle” SEA Paddle NYC’s most prestigious award! And most of all I would like to commend my partners in crime Richard Lee and Ariane Yazdan on a job well done! Sorry “well” doesn’t describe their efforts properly. A job superbly done!”
—Chris Macioch
2015 SEA NYC Paddle
And one more final and HUGE thank you to my SEAPaddle NYC donors and supporters. Having done this race for 8 consecutive years, I feel like I’m going to the “well” over and over-and you all keep donating and supporting! Special thank you’s to Jean Masin Len Gregorio Jack Perna Jill RA Jim Sandidge Sheryle, Mickey Donovan, Micki Michelle-Lees, Chad Cross Gary Nitsberg ! 100% of your donations goes to the charities we support! Thank you all again this years paddle I believe has pushed us over the $2million mark raised over the last 9 events.
—James Gregorio

If you didn’t know it, the SEA NYC race is the race that really got the me and the Mullet started. It was one of the first goals I set for my paddling and the subject of some of my earliest posts. I read an article on Gerry Lopez’ paddle around NYC and was inspired to train. I started with our 3.5 mile harbor island on Walden Paddlac, possibly the most volume ever put into a single production board. I remember breaking an hour and thinking, I’m smoking this course. I’ve learned so much from the race organizers and can’t wait to do this again some day. I am eternally grateful to this race. It’s been a few years since I did the race. If next year truly is the last year, I’m in. I won’t miss it. The logistics are tough, but the paddle payoff dwarfs the effort.


Place Number Last First Team Time Category Category Category
1 56 Matthews Ryan 4:07:40 Elite Prone Male
1 78 Taylor Corey 4:13:45 Elite SUP Male
2 19 Dullack Steve 4:17:01 Elite SUP Male
3 9 Chiapperino Quintin 4:28:01 Elite SUP Male
4 65 Quintana Jorge 4:32:30 Elite SUP Male
5 29 Gleason Bryan 4:36:40 Elite SUP Male
6 17 Dima Andrew 4:38:40 Elite SUP Male
7 79 Tripician Carl 4:39:35 Elite SUP Male
2 73 Spagnuolo Mark 4:39:55 Elite Prone Male
8 44 Laundrie Joseph 4:46:22 Elite SUP Male
9 27 Galang Anthony 4:48:50 Elite SUP Male
10 42 Kostallas J.M. 4:52:00 Elite SUP Male
1 21 Ehman Dawn 4:56:06 Elite SUP Female
3 77 Skudin Will 4:58:00 Elite Prone Male
2 59 Miller Patricia 5:04:13 Elite SUP Female
3 43 Lata Josette 5:06:20 Elite SUP Female
11 52 Mamala Keali 5:11:40 Elite SUP Male
4 78 Olsen Brian 5:11:45 Elite Prone Male
12 2 Bafford Edmonds 5:35:30 Elite SUP Male
4 34 Jackowski Maryann 5:39:55 Elite SUP Female
Charity Paddle
5 Best Wayne 4:51:45 Charity SUP Male
25 Fithian Michael 4:57:25 Charity SUP Male
31 Grothues Daniel 4:58:50 Charity Prone Male
40 King Ian 4:59:30 Charity Prone Male
35 Joblin Stuart 5:05:00 Charity SUP Male
54 Mars Josip 5:11:10 Charity SUP Male
62 Patterson Alexander 5:11:15 Charity SUP Male
49 Liss Ken 5:13:15 Charity SUP Male
38 Kaiser Paulo 5:18:10 Charity SUP Male
80 Blackwell Thomas 5:20:20 Charity SUP Male
64 Pellegrino Margo 5:20:50 Charity SUP Female
7 Carr Matthew 5:23:10 Charity SUP Male
15 Davis Harris 5:28:20 Charity SUP Male
63 Pellegrini Joe 5:29:01 Charity SUP Male
75 Stemetzki GA 5:33:55 Charity SUP Male
61 Neinast Fred 5:35:00 Charity SUP Male
51 Long Lisa 5:35:21 Charity SUP Female
47 Lemke Joe 5:36:35 Charity SUP Male
13 Cree Marcus 5:45:20 Charity SUP Male
60 Montgomery Max 5:50:15 Charity SUP Male
14 D’Ambra Christopher 5:51:22 Charity SUP Male
16 Dawson Mary 5:54:10 Charity SUP Female
45 Lavine Sean 5:57:50 Charity SUP Male
53 Mark Matt 5:59:20 Charity SUP Male
81 McInnis David 6:23:43 Charity SUP Male
36 Jodar Joanna 6:25:21 Charity SUP Male
28 Gaszynski Jan-Richard 6:29:27 Charity SUP Male
12 Corrigan Miller 6:42:07 Charity SUP Male
57 McClatchey Shane 6:46:20 Charity SUP Male
82 Johnston Mark 6:55:10 Charity SUP Male
23 Fernicola Ronnie 7:04:40 Charity SUP Male
18 Donlon Margie 7:10:40 Charity SUP Female
83 Freidas Mo DNF Charity SUP Male
69 Rancourt Gary DNF Charity SUP Male
41 Knott Dave DNS Charity SUP Male
46 Lavine Marc DNS Charity SUP Male
72 Sloan Fergus DNS Charity SUP Male
20 Edson Drew Rhizotomy Surf 3:58:30 Relay SUP Male
76 Stetz Doug Rhizotomy Surf Relay SUP Male
58 Milkowski Jim Rhizotomy Surf Relay SUP Male
32 Harris Tim Rhizotomy Surf Relay SUP Male
11 Colino Noah Bicep Brothers 4:49:20 Relay SUP Male
10 Colino Mark Bicep Brothers Relay SUP Male
6 Bubnowski Richard Paddle Surf NJ / 2MadMax’s 4:56:55 Relay SUP Male
48 Levins Kim Paddle Surf NJ / 2MadMax’s Relay SUP Female
30 Gregorio James Paddle Surf NJ / 2MadMax’s Relay SUP Male
24 Ferrer Josep Segura Viudas Cava 5:41:45 Relay SUP Male
8 Carr Mike Segura Viudas Cava Relay SUP Male
1 Anton John Segura Viudas Cava Relay SUP Male
3 Banwart Magen SUPlovers 5:52:10 Relay SUP Female
74 Spirit Buffalo Renzo SUPlovers Relay SUP Male
70 Sanchez de Ovando Mariana SUPlovers Relay SUP Female
26 Foshay Thomasin SUPlovers Relay SUP Female
4 Berardinone Fred Paddle for Awareness 6:52:30 Relay SUP Male
33 Holcomb Mike Team SUP-ER 5:32:15 Relay SUP Male
66 Rallo Victor Team SUP-ER 5:20:10 Relay SUP Male
67 Rallo Kari Team SUP-ER 5:17:10 Relay SUP Female
68 Rallo Robert Team SUP-ER 5:11:00 Relay SUP Male
50 Lombardo – McAffee Eric South Shore Paddleboards 6:51:55 Relay SUP Male
71 Schilke Hillary South Shore Paddleboards 6:27:55 Relay SUP Female
55 Marvin Karen South Shore Paddleboards 6:24:30 Relay SUP Female
39 Kaplan Andrew South Shore Paddleboards 6:20:25 Relay SUP Male
37 Judge John South Shore Paddleboards 6:04:03 Relay SUP Male

Special thanks to the sponsors of this event

Rhizotomy, Nautica, TIG advisors,LLC, South Shore Paddleboards, Segura Viudas, Cava, Chelsea Sports Center, Yolo Boards, Century 21 Department Stores, Kialoa, Fishmarket, Essentia, BY&LG, Marine Max, Finlandia, Jamians’, Cake Boss Carlo’s Bakery, Ola Tropical Apothecary, The Elite Bouquet, Chameleon Cold Brew, Spiked, Seltzer, Betty’s Icebox, Rutgers University

Also, the SEA NYC Paddle is nominated for SUP philanthropic of the Year: Vote here