Sold Out 2019 Chattajack: 650 entries in 6.5 hours and a waiting list is growing

How does a race that opens registration at midnight CST, (1am here in EST) sell out all 650 entries in 6.5 hours? It’s all about the moonpies. Or the belt buckles. Or the chocolate milk. Or the cow bells. Or suck creek. Or Ben and Kim. Or…. there’s just not enough room.

This is one of those races run by paddlers, who love paddling, their town, their river and paddlers everywhere. It’s an end-of-the-year gathering of the paddle tribes that drives SUP, Prone, OC, surfski, kayak, canoe and inflatable flamingos together in a cold and windy 31-mile odyssey that is a sea monster short of a Greek Poem. Whatever your paddling Achilles may be, Chattajack will slap you in the face with it. Prepare. Go out in the wind. Get a coach. Train. Plan.

And for those of you who successfully registered or who are on the waiting list it’s time to set up a Paddle Monster training program that will prepare you physically and mentally to not just survive the 31 miles of Chattajack, but to thrive in your quest — to paddle faster and more efficiently than you ever have before. Paddle. Strength. Nutrition. Mobility. #trainingworks Join today at

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  1. Kinda blown away at how quickly that happened… I’m a total rookie and figured an early morning rise would get me registered. Luckily I made it onto the wait list at a good spot, anyone have experience of being on the wait list and then getting an invite?

  2. The wait list usually gets in. I would assume you’re going to race being on the list under #50. Tons of people drop out. They usually have 20% or 150-200 people drop out for various reasons. THey’re aim is to have 550 people on the water.