southern hemi phase 1

Phase 1 Paddling Strength Program begins this week for Southern Hemisphere Paddlers


First of all, congratulations in order to all of you who battled through the race season. Another year of individual improvement and results contributing to the overall success of the Paddle Monster community!

Now its time to transition into Off-season (Winter) training for you southern hemisphere athletes. It is the time to start building for next season. For those of you who completed the Off-Season program in previous years, your challenge should be to move up a category this year:
Home > Novice
Novice > Intermediate
Intermediate > Advanced
Advanced > Elite

If you cannot commit to more time or cannot get to a gym, it is okay to stay at the level you are at, however you won’t be maximizing your gains, and you may find some of the work redundant. You are part of the Paddle Monster community for a reason. Part of that reason is to become the best version of you, and the best paddler you can be. I encourage you to move up in category if you are even at all thinking about it.

The programs will be similar to last year. As many of you verified last winter, #trainingworks. If something isn’t broke you don’t fix it. Mastery is something that is long forgotten in the weight room these days. Doing the same program if you are advanced/elite doesn’t mean you won’t get better. There may be some monotony associated with it, but unfortunately some of the best training is the same training over and over. We have built a model that has proven it works time and time again, so approach it with the attitude of mastering the program, and upping your weights.

NOTE: For elite program pay attention to tempos – there are a lot longer phases which increases control and time under tension – you may have to go down in weight initially.

Any questions or concerns please let us know! Hop on a forum, comment on the program post or reach our directly through the app!

For those of you who are new to strength training specifically designed for paddlers, there are 5 levels:

  • Home (2 days per week)
  • Novice (2 days per week—gym)
  • Intermediate (3 days per week—gym)
  • Advanced (3 days per week—gym)
  • Elite (3 days per week—gym)

Good luck and #trainingworks!

Coach Chris Chapman, MSc., CSCS, CSEP-CEP
Paddle Strength and Power Coach

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