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Boga Yoga

Before you paddle, warm up: Yoga warmup for SUP progression from Jeramie Vaine

Do this progression slowly. Make sure to use your breath, or for those of us who aren't into yoga, BREATHE! Do a few rounds of this to wake up and engage...

Talking about SUP Yoga with Boga Yoga’s Sarah Callaham

We were able to float and talk on the Payette River in Cascade, Idaho with Boga Yoga's Sarah Callaham. Sarah answers basic questions on doing yoga on a paddleboard and why...

How To: Do an 8 angle SUP Yoga pose with BOGA yoga

We continue with yoga week here on Distressed Mullet with another tutorial from BOGA. Learn how to do the 8 angle pose during SUP Yoga. Learn more about Boga >>

How to: Do a headstand on a Stand Up Paddleboard with Boga

The last in our series of yoga how-tos from Boga, this video explains how to do a headstand. Yoga or not, this is a fun trick to master. Learn more about BOGA...

How To: Do a side crow pose during SUP Yoga

Are you getting more flexible? Hope so! Because it is yoga week on Distressed Mullet! We're sharing tutorials from BOGA boards. Learn more about BOGA >>

How To: Do a backbend on an SUP with BOGA Yoga

Second how-to in SUP yoga week here on Distressed Mullet. Learn how to do a backbend. Learn more about BOGA >>



Technique Tip: Nordic Double Polling for Paddle Boarders

Nordic Double Poling for Paddleboarders Coach Larry has long likened the loading/unloading motion of hips and legs in stand-up paddling to the double poll motion seen in cross country skiing.  Here Starboard Dream Team member Bruce Kirkby explains the relationship in more...

The February Five – VPL Results

February is over and the results of "The February Five" 5k VPL race are in!  Congratulations to all racers! It's exciting to see where people are, how they have maintained after a few months hiatus and where they have improved. Again, having...

Challenge and Race Results Submission Upgrade

To all VPL and Paddle Challenge Participants Today we upgraded the Paddle Challenge and VPL submission forms on the Public PaddleMonster.com site! You can now select all the challenges for which you are participating when you submit your distances. This new feature will...

Bone Island 6-Mile Paddle Race, Lazy Dog Key West This weekend!

I'm not sure if you're as cold as I am, but the thought of Key West sounds amazing to me right now—especially when facing down the 12+ feet of snow or freezing cold rain we've had in the past few weeks....

Zoom Session – Winter Paddling

A ZOOM discussion with Coach Larry Cain on Wednesday, February 17th at 3 PM EST Coach Larry Cain will be discussing winter paddling. If you want to learn to, improve, or get Larry's tips on paddling in the cold, join Larry for...
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