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It’s A Gorge-ous Time of Year! Summer Downwinding!!

Summer Downwinding Season in Hood River This week, the SIC Gorge Paddle Challenge kicks off in the iconic Columbia River Gorge. It’s the culmination of the racing part of the summer downwinding...

Maui Downwind Foil Run with Jeremy Riggs

"I'm riding a Gofoil Maliko 200 hydrofoil wing down the south shore of Maui. The wind was gusting close to 50 mph."

The Inland Paddler: Getting Back to the Roots

Paddling is Paddling It’s funny how we sometimes define ourselves by what we paddle - what craft - SUP, OC, Prone, Ski - or by what kind of blade we use -...

Stoke on the Water OnLine

Stoke on the Water in Hood River If you are looking for guides or downwind instruction specific to the Columbia River Gorge, you can now more easily connect with Stoke on the...

The Inland Paddler: Eagle Wisdom

Learning and Adapting in the 2018 Paddle Season Anyone who reads this blog, or my social media channels or sees me at events, knows paddle surfing and downwinding have become my obsessions....

Video: Revo R1 Surf Ski Downwind Run

Downwinding in the Revo R1 Surf Ski If you've got the Monday blues and all you want to do is downwind, then this video from Australia's Todd Boreland in his Revo R1...


Northern Hemisphere Off-Season Training Programs – Zoom Recording

Listen in on Paddle Monster Head Coach Larry Cain from his Monday, November 22nd discussion where he answers questions about the 2021-22 Northern Hemisphere Off-Season Training Program and the 2022 training year in general. Learn the rationale behind the periodization of the...

Chattajack Zoom Recording – Part 4 – Knowing the Course – Pre-race and In-race tips

Please join Coach Cain, and Lisa Schell for this week’s recording on Knowing the Course – Pre-race and In-race tips Paddle Monster Zoom Series Content this week includes an interactive discussion on the venue, the race, and the Gorge, including: Downtown Chattajack and...

Chattajack Zoom Recording – Part 3 – Fueling your Performance

Please join Coach Victoria, Coach Cain, and Lisa Schell for this week's recording on Fueling your Performance. Session details: Part 3 – Fueling your Performance An interactive discussion on pre- and in-race nutrition and hydration including: Why? How much fuel do you need Water...
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