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OX Endurance

CHUM Video Podcast for this week

Eliminating Board Classes, Our most inspirational (Fiona!) OX Endurance, Flex Fins and more. This week's Sponsor is the Maliko Run. Thanks for the hats!

Meet Joe Paddler: Ryan Knysh from Edmonton, Alberta

WHERE WERE YOU WERE BORN AND WHERE YOU LIVE NOW? Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and now Alberta Beach, Alberta, Canada. WHAT IS YOUR OCCUPATION? I am a Realtor when not on a board. WHERE DO YOU...

Mullet Insulated Water 15% off Sale with free OX Endurance Packet

From now until the end of December or until we're out of bottles and OX Endurance, each Mullet Insulated Polar Water bottle will contain a stick of Ox Endurance and 2...

Gear Guide: Standup Paddle Race Essentials

Half the battle of doing well in a standup paddleboard race is getting to the starting line with your head on straight and all of your gear in working order. Sometimes...

Sparks at first taste: OX Endurance Pre-Workout Booster

The short review: I liked it. A lot. Felt great through my workout and a race. I felt the BOOST! Figuring out when to drink it is crucial for races.  What's in it? What...



2021 Virtual Paddle League – March into Spring

The Next Virtual Paddle League Race is Up! "March into Spring", a free, combined event race that is the combination of: - A 5k race with a turn at 2.5k, - A 2k race with a turn at 1k, - A 2k race with a...

Paddle Monster – Paddle Challenge Update

Attention Paddle Monster Paddle Challenge and Virtual Race Community! The Paddle Monster and Paddle Logger teams are reminding all paddlers that there are three events currently active. We will review them in a moment, but a new update to the Submit...

Technique Tip: Nordic Double Polling for Paddle Boarders

Nordic Double Poling for Paddleboarders Coach Larry has long likened the loading/unloading motion of hips and legs in stand-up paddling to the double poll motion seen in cross country skiing.  Here Starboard Dream Team member Bruce Kirkby explains the relationship in more...

The February Five – VPL Results

February is over and the results of "The February Five" 5k VPL race are in!  Congratulations to all racers! It's exciting to see where people are, how they have maintained after a few months hiatus and where they have improved. Again, having...

Challenge and Race Results Submission Upgrade

To all VPL and Paddle Challenge Participants Today we upgraded the Paddle Challenge and VPL submission forms on the Public PaddleMonster.com site! You can now select all the challenges for which you are participating when you submit your distances. This new feature will...
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