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Valkyrie Downwind


Summer Downwinder in Virginia Beach

6 mile South to North run along the ocean front of Virginia Beach in late June. Wind pushing from the SSE at 15-20mph resulted in an excellent run as Steve and...

Video: Bad Magic by Valkyrie Downwind

Moody downwind love on Valentine's Day Subscribe to Valkyrie Downwind on Youtube for their latest videos

Valkyrie Downwind :: Warrior Daze Surfski Video : Gorge Downwind Championships

The Valkyrie crew at the 2018 Gorge Downwind Championships Hood river Oregon, in EPIC CONDITIONS

Valkyrie Downwind Surfski Video :: Choosers of the Slain 30+

With the wind behind her and the foam at her neck over the waves she flew like a bird. —Beowolf Subscribe to the Valkyrie Downwind Youtube Channel Here Check out the Valkyrie Downwind Blog

Valkyrie Downwind Used SUPs and Surfski Yard Sale in Virginia Beach, VA

The yards filling up with some hot ocean riding craft. This is the collection from the discriminating crew that hang around the longhouse. 5 surf skis, 3 race SUPS, 6 surf SUPS,...

Surfski Monday: Epic V11 Run

Downwinding in the Epic V11 Valkyrie Downwind is at it again, posting another cool edit of a killer downwind run, this time in the V11. In this one, focus on the bracing technique...



The February Five – VPL Results

February is over and the results of "The February Five" 5k VPL race are in!  Congratulations to all racers! It's exciting to see where people are, how they have maintained after a few months hiatus and where they have improved. Again, having...

Challenge and Race Results Submission Upgrade

To all VPL and Paddle Challenge Participants Today we upgraded the Paddle Challenge and VPL submission forms on the Public PaddleMonster.com site! You can now select all the challenges for which you are participating when you submit your distances. This new feature will...

Bone Island 6-Mile Paddle Race, Lazy Dog Key West This weekend!

I'm not sure if you're as cold as I am, but the thought of Key West sounds amazing to me right now—especially when facing down the 12+ feet of snow or freezing cold rain we've had in the past few weeks....

Zoom Session – Winter Paddling

A ZOOM discussion with Coach Larry Cain on Wednesday, February 17th at 3 PM EST Coach Larry Cain will be discussing winter paddling. If you want to learn to, improve, or get Larry's tips on paddling in the cold, join Larry for...

The Valentines Day “I Love Paddling” Challenge

The Next Paddle Monster Paddle Challenge The Paddle Monster Challenges are back for 2021 with a series of shorter challenges designed to keep everyone motivated and provide a chance for those that miss the start of a particular challenge to not feel...
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