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Key West Paddle Classic – Virtual Version

This year’s 23rd Annual Key West Paddle Classic will have 2 versions of the event; a live in Key West Race AND a virtual (from where ever you are race!) With so...

Virtual Racing How To Trim your paddle distance down to the required distance on the Garmin Connect App

Hi all, for those that aren't aware, when you're recording your distances and you go over, Garmin (and Strava and many other platforms) have the ability to "trim" your time to...

Why a Year of No SUP Races is Transforming the Sport

Someone performing and posting a world best time that can be verified by GPS data does the entire sport a service. Their performance is a gift to all of us. While we know it was not done in a real race, it was still done by a human being, on a board, with a paddle, over a set distance, in neutral conditions. We can all relate to it. It redefines what is possible and moves the sport forward for all of us, inspiring each of us to do a little more to go a little faster. We all end up winning because of it.

The Inland Paddler: It’s a Virtual World

Virtual Paddle Racing Like many of you, I started 2020 with a plan.  A race plan.  I was going to return to the Carolina Cup after a two-year absence and tackle what...



Paddling Injuries: How Loving the Conditions and Training Works when We are Injured

Dealing with Paddling Injuries Spend enough time on this website, or the Paddle Monster Facebook page and you’ll notice two mantras, mottos or hashtags: Love the Conditions and Training Works. Spend a bit of time training with us and you’ll quickly learn how...

Chattajack Zoom Series

Paddle Monster Zoom Series Welcome to the Chattajack Zoom series, a four-part Zoom experience in which the Paddle Monster Coaches and special guests hold a discussion on important, Chattjack prep topics. If you want to truly be prepared, include these Zoom sessions as...

Coach Victoria on Post-Covid Fitness

Paddle Monster Fitness and Nutrition Coach Victoria Burgess shares a presentation she put together recently on returning to training after a “pandemic time out.”  Excellent info here!   youtubeembedcode en Casino utan licens youtubeembedcode es Casino utan licens    

Chattajack Race Prep: Rookie Mistakes

Final Countdown to Chattajack So, we are a little less than two months away from Chattajack time - Delta variant notwithstanding (fingers crossed!) And first-timers might be starting to get a little antsy right about now.  I know I was leading up...

Inland Paddler: Out of the Line Up Because of “Injury”

Off the Water Because of Injury “What did you do to your knee? You fall of your skateboard?” “Did you hurt your knee surfing?” People always assume that an outdoor athlete’s chosen sport must always be the mode of injury when one of us...
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