Water pumped out of a flooded Emerald Isle street. Photo: Town of Emerald Isle Facebook

Water Quality Update from the Coastal Federation for the NC coast

Photo: Water pumped out of a flooded Emerald Isle street. Town of Emerald Isle Facebook

This was just released by Kerri Allen, Coastal Advocate for the North Carolina Coastal Federation
Good morning,
I hope this finds you well! As you may know, the Coastal Federation collected water samples at Wrightsville Beach earlier this week in the wake of massive stormwater runoff resulting from Hurricane Florence. 
We just received the results, which show elevated levels of bacteria in ocean and intracoastal waters in/around Wrightsville Beach. 
We strongly recommend the public avoid contact with coastal waters until the state is able to conduct testing and determines waters are safe for recreational use and shellfish harvesting. 
For additional information, please reference the Coastal Federation’s earlier press release: https://www.nccoast.org/2018/09/federation-urges-the-public-to-stay-out-of-the-water-after-florence/
And the advisory from the state: http://portal.ncdenr.org/web/mf/rwq-press-releases
Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Tracy Skrabal (910-231-6601) or myself with questions, and thank you for all you do.
Kerri Allen, Coastal Advocate

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